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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where to find coupons...

It's Sunday! Which means, I hope you picked up a copy of the newspaper today for all of the money saving coupons. However, scribing or picking up a newspaper on Sunday is not the only way to get coupons. Here is a list of where I get my coupons:

  • I always pick up a newspaper outside the grocery store down the road. The $2 I spend on the newspaper pays for it's self with all of the coupon savings I get from it. I always check Sunday Coupon Preview to see if there will be coupon inserts in this weeks paper.
  • On Sunday's I am feeling super ambitious I head over to our local coffee shop (Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, or Dunkin Doughnuts) to scan for left behind newspapers. I can't tell you the number of times I have gone and found newspapers near the trash can- waiting for someone else to read them, and take the coupons home! I have even asked a local Starbucks what they do with their leftover newspapers and they have showed me where they set a pile of them for anyone to take! This is a great way to get FREE coupons. I have also heard of people asking their local library if they can have the coupon inserts-most were happy to do so. * the way I look at it, it can't hurt to ask*
  • The internet is a great coupon source. There are tons of websites that offer great deals,, and are just a few to name.
  • Requesting free samples or writing your favorite company/brand. Many times, companies will include coupons with the free samples or send you some for being a loyal customer.
  • Look for peelie's on product labels at the grocery store that offer coupons. (Example: I was going to buy some shredded cheese, and saw that the kraft cheese had a peelie on it, making it the best offer on cheese!)
  • Or sometimes walk through the wine section of the grocery store to look for hanging coupons on bottles of wine. Most of these coupons are off of meat, cheese, or produce (which are hard to come by) and if you read the label on the coupon most say "no wine purchase necessary". Free for you to take. :)
  • The last source that I have for getting coupons is a magazine called "ALL YOU" it is sold only at Walmart stores (unless your order a subscription) for $2.99. Most issues contain over $50 worth of coupons inside and sometimes up to $100+! The magazine pays for itself and is also a great read offering money saving and household tips.
Where do you get most of your coupons from?

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