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Friday, July 30, 2010

Harris Teeter Savings This Week

I feel like I picked up tons of food this week at Harris Teeter! However, I went a little over my budget (I try to set a goal of $30 a week, down from $40). But I am going to give myself a little grace because I did pick up a few things for a baby shower we are hosting this weekend! :) Here is a list of what I got below:
  • 10 cups of Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt: 10/$5 (used a -$1 coupon) $4 for 10
  • HT eggs: e-vic special .67
  • HT Baked Beans: $1.47
  • Turkey Tenderloin: $8.99 (used a -$5 coupon on it because it needed to be sold by the next day) $3.99
  • Angus London Broil: $10.21 ( was on sale B1G1 so it ringed up half price, plus used a -$1 beef coupon hanging on a near by bottle of wine) $4.10
  • Gallon HT Skim Milk: e-vic special $1.97
  • HT Fat Free Half&Half: vic special $1.47
  • Krunchers Chips: vic special $2.99 (used a -.75 coupon that doubled) $1.49
  • Total Cereal: e-vic special $1.99 (used a -.75 coupon that doubled) .49
  • Townhouse Crackers: vic special $2.49 (used a -.75 coupon that doubled) .99
  • 4 Healthy Choice Lean Cusines (for Zach while I am out of town): B1G1 special (plus -$1 off 4 coupon) $4.70 for 4
  • Rewrapped Bananas: $1.12
  • True Lemon drink mix: B1G1 ringed up half price $1.49 (used a -$1 coupon) .49
  • HT Coffee: vic special $2.50
  • Eggo Waffles: vic special 2/$4 (used a -$1 off 2 coupon) two for $3
  • Pretzels: vic special $2.50 ( used a -.75 coupon that doubled) $1

Total Spent: $34.28
Total Saved: $40.45

Not a bad week at all. We had the steak last night and it was awesome! ;) Plus there are leftovers for steak sandwiches this weekend for Zach. How much did you save this week? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I shop at Harris Teeter too and love the deals coupled with coupons. Do you know of site that provides menu plans and recipes based on Bi Lo sales for the week. Something like

  2. Sorry Daren- Took me so long to get back to you. I don't know of a website that works like that-- however check out she will do a match up of weekly sale ads and coupons. That could help you to plan a menu. :) Hope that helps!