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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Samples are the Best!

Here are some free samples that I have received over this past month:

Another way to help drive down your out of pocket costs are free samples. Free samples are smaller versions of products for consumers to try out. Many manufacturer companies use free samples as a marketing tool and for us it's a great way to stretch our dollar! Here are some more reasons why free samples are great:
  • They are wonderful for "emergency situations!"Have you ever started to run the laundry and then realized you were out of detergent? Or gone to wash your hair and forgot that you were out of shampoo? Well, free samples help solve those "emergency situations".
  • They are great for traveling. My husband's family lives in Canada and so we travel at least a few times a year. Now that most airlines are charging for checked bags.... we try to bring our luggage on board. Free samples are the perfect size for going through security!
  • You can use them to create a nice welcome basket for your guests. It's such a nice gift to offer to your guests that make them feel loved and thought of. The best part is whatever your guests don't use (since they are all packaged individually) you can recycle over to your next guests that come. I simply leave a jar/box of samples in our guests bathroom.
  • Most offer you money saving coupons! With almost all of those products pictured above I received a coupon. The best part about this, is that the coupons that come with the free sample normally don't expire for a LONG time. This is great because it gives you more time to pair the coupon with a sale....which makes for the greatest savings!
  • It's a great way to try or test out a new product.
  • And last but not least who doesn't love getting mail! In the past week I received 4 different free samples. It's like getting a present with no strings attached! I love it!
Make sure to continue watching my blog because I am going to begin posting links to free samples that I find!

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