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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Following a Passion: Part 2

To see the preivous post on folowing a passion click here:

After I had been cutting coupons from the newspaper for a little while, I decided I wanted to try and find more coupons to continue maximizing my savings. I soon discovered the world of internet coupons- which are just as good if not better than newspaper coupons. I found that by typing into search engines particular coupons I was looking for ( to match up with a sale going on at a store) that there was a whole other world of people like me who were trying to keep their grocery bills low!

Checking blogs became like checking email for me. I probably was looking at them every other hour. (Zach can confirm this). So after months of following blogs and continuing to get the best bang for my buck, I decided my obsession with coupons and saving money had really become a passion of mine.

I am hopeful that in doing something I am passionate about, not only will I love my work and help others but also be able to contribute to our household income. My even greater hope is that my passion for saving will reveal and inspire ways for you and your family to do so as well!

Cheers to saving money! :)

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