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Monday, July 19, 2010

Coupon Terms

I know what you're thinking.. there are coupon terms to know? Most of them are common sense but in terms of this blog it will be helpful in the future so you know what I am referring to. Here are a few terms to get us started!

Man. Q's = manufacturer coupon ( a coupon that is printed and published by a manufacturer company.. these are mostly found in newspapers or printed ads)

Peelie= a coupon that is found on a package of a product that you can peel off and then use

Blinkie= those annoying coupon dispensers found in grocery stores that blink and reveal coupons (I used to run around the store as a kid and collect them! lol)

Store Q's= coupons that are printed by a specific store to be used at that store

Cat Q= Catalina coupons ( they are found at grocery stores and print out for you after you finish your order, they are manufacturer coupons that are printed based on your buying patterns..they are linked to your store card)

DND= Do not double (printed on some coupons meaning a store may not double them)

SS= Smart Source (a coupon insert found in Sunday newspapers or online)

RP= Red Plum (another coupon insert found in Sunday newspapers or online)

P&G= Proctor and Gamble (company prints out coupons on their select products, insert comes in the Sunday newspaper about 4 times a year)

BOGO= Buy One Get One Free

ECB= Extra Care Bucks (amount of money found on the bottom of your CVS receipt for you to use on your next in-store purchase)

Stacking= combining two coupons for the same product. (ex. a coupon cut out from the newspaper and one printed from the internet)

I am sure I have forgotten some terms: So I will update this post as needed. Can you think of any terms I have left out? If so feel free to post or add your comments!


  1. What about an article about coupon exclusion kind of things...Like how Harris teeter doubles up to .99. I don't know if there are enough things like that, though. Also, you should get a counter for the blog to see how many hits you get. McKayla

  2. Great Idea McKayla. Later on this week I am going to go through coupon policies and tutorials of certain stores. :) Also if you look under "About Me " section of my blog there is a link for "my complete profile"- click it and it will show you how many times the page has been viewed. (appx. amount of times)