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Monday, July 19, 2010

Following a Passion

Well- here goes nothing. I have started this blog in an effort to pursue one thing I am really passionate about- SAVING. I have no idea how this blog will be recieved or if even anyone will see my words here; but I hope to simply spend some time sharing with others what I love.

Saving money became a priority to me once I graduated from college and soon realized I had to spend money in order to live! (Shocker, I know). I think the reality that my hard earned money quickly went out the door was a surprise to me and made me want to stretch my pay check as far as I could. Lucky for me, one of my part time jobs at that time was a cashier at a grocery store, which would forever change my life- I was introduced to COUPONS!

Seeing the insane amounts of money that costumers would save gave me the curiosity to look into coupons. Almost instantly I was hooked. By simply pairing up coupons with weekly sales I was able to significantly reduce the amount of money I was spending on food in my budget. What was even more was I found that every time I went to the store and had huge savings I got a rush of adrenaline that left me feeling elated. I would spend $2.32 on $25.38 worth of goceries..I mean I was practically stealing from the store!

It's hard not to get hooked after such success. So after I had been cutting coupons regularly I began to look for other ways to indulge my new passion, which I will share later on this week!

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