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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shopping at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter coupon policies ( make sure you check the bottom of the post for some special notes!)

Alrighty, so now that we have a running list of coupon terms (here) it's time to get to know how different stores coupon policies work.

My favorite grocery store in the region is by far Harris Teeter. In almost every store I have been in is clean, welcoming, and the customer service is wonderful. Not to mention they have some awesome coupon policies which help us to save tons of money.

How to Save at Harris Teeter

  • First off, you have to be a vic (very important customer) card holder to get all of the vic sale items in the store. You can sign up for a card at the customer service front desk.

  • If you want even more "special" rewards or offers be sure to sign up for their e-vic membership. Not only will you receive weekly emails with what's on sale at the store, but also get super awesome specials offered to you. You can sign up here online.

  • Harris Teeter will double up to 20 coupons per day with a face value of .99 unless other wise stated on the coupon (for example: .55 would become $1.10 off of that product) any other coupons you give would just be redeemed at their face value.

  • B1G1 free items will ring up half price if you just buy 1. This is where you can look for some great savings when paired with a coupon that gets doubled. ( For example: a few weeks ago there was sale on a type of bread B1G1 free, I only bought 1 (which made it $2.30) and then used a .75 off coupon from the internet that got doubled. Meaning for 1 loaf of bread I paid .80 when normally it would have cost $4.60!)

  • There is a catch on B1G1 free items..Harris Teeter will only allow you to use 1 coupon for the item, not two since you are "getting 1 for free".

  • Harris Teeter will except internet coupons and even double them (so long as the coupon doesn't say differently). However they do NOT except coupons from the internet that are B1G1 free. (They had issues in the past of people using fake ones).

  • If the store is out of something that is on sale... get a RAINCHECK. They never expire/go bad and you can still use your money saving coupon with it when you do use it (so long as the coupon has not expired).

Extra-extra savings!

I know, Harris Teeter is already an amazing place to get some good deals, but every once in a while it gets even crazier! These are the weeks I live to shop (you can ask Zach)...TRIPLE COUPON WEEK and SUPER DOUBLE WEEK

Now these are special weeks that Harris Teeter puts on normally every 4 to 6 weeks. (They have been doing it more frequently given the state of the economy the past year)

  • Triple coupon week is when Harris Teeter triples the value of your coupon! (For example that same .55 coupon is now worth $1.65 and your .75 coupon is worth a huge $2.25!) This makes for an insane amount of deals to be had!

  • Super double coupon week is where Harris Teeter will double coupons with a face value of $1.98 or less. ( This is a great time to use your larger coupons to get some big savings.. a $1.50 coupon means you get $3 off the item!)

  • Again, with both types of special weeks they will only do the first 20 coupons you use a day. So during these weeks I am at Harris Teeter almost every day! :)

Hopefully now you can see why I love Harris Teeter so much! Later on today I will post some deals that are going on this week on vic special. ( Harris Teeter's week runs from a Wed. to Tues. meaning the new deals start Wed.)

A special note:

*Some coupons say "do not double" across the top of them but normally do any ways. A trick I have learned is to look at the first number on the coupon barcode..if it starts with a 9 it will NOT double..however if it starts with a 5 it usually does! ;) My suggestion is to try it out one time with a "do not double" coupon and see what happens!*

*Also, it is RUMORED that Harris Teeter will be running a triple coupon week NEXT week (the 28th-3rd)...I will keep you posted on this. But that means it's a good time to start gathering up coupons. Later on this week I will let you know where I get my coupons from...there are more places than you know! lol*

To see a full list of Harris Teeter's coupon policies click here

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