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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

P&G Coupons and Samples

Proctor and Gamble is a massive company. You most likely use a ton of their different products. Well, I have some exciting news. P&G sent me an email and let me know that this Sunday they will have a coupon insert valuing in over $104 worth of savings! So be sure to pick up at least 1 copy of this Sunday (August 1st) newspaper. Even more exciting is that they are offering tons of free samples and coupons right now through their website. Simply click here and sign up to get access to these samples and coupons. You can actually pick the ones you want. I got some coupons for a few brands of laundry detergent, body wash, paper towels, and napkins. Not to mention I also signed up for free samples of tampons, shampoo, and conditioner. Be sure to get yours!

*Again, I recommend creating a "coupon" email account so that you do not over load your current inbox with tons of emails!*

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