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Friday, August 13, 2010

God is Good!

Man, you want to talk about how awesome God is? This story will blow your mind! A few months ago Zach was contacted through a former employer that he was overpaid on his last paycheck. He only worked half a month but got paid for a full. In the craziness of graduating and moving we didn't even notice! Of course, it did not feel good to have to write a check for $500 back to the employer as we had been paying for tons of extra expenses because of the move, but we knew it was the right thing to do. Money was going to be tight last month and luckily the employer had not cashed the check. ( We have the money in savings but were hoping not to have to pull it out! And we didn't have to!) Zach contacted the employer and found out that they will be cashing the check next week.
Now, here is the awesome God part. Two nights ago Zach received a phone call from AT&T and they had been notified that a check that they wrote to Zach and mailed to him at his former address had been returned to them! The person living in Zach's old apartment was kind enough to not cash the check, but to return it to AT&T! The company contacted Zach to let him know the check will be it's way next week! Guess how much the check is for.... you guessed it... $500!!!
Now how awesome is God?!?! I love how He constantly reminds us that we need to trust Him and He will always reveal Himself to us. God is so good!

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