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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Awesome Groupon Deal Today!

I have mentioned Groupon and their awesome daily deals; well today is no exception! Groupon's daily deal is the same for every single city... (U.S. and Canada included) it's 50% off at Gap! For $25 you will receive a certificate for $50 to spend at Gap stores. There are a few conditions to this offer though:
  • You have to spend at least $50 to use the certificate.
  • It can not be combined with other offers (employee discounts, coupon, etc)
  • Not valid for Giftcards
  • Can not be used at Gap Outlet, Factory, Generation, or online.
  • Limit 1 per person (although I think you could buy through several different city locations- and still use at your store)
  • Can be used on sale items
  • Good in-store only and valid until 11/19/10
Remember this is good at ANY store. So even if your city is not listed on Groupon you can still buy the certificate through a different city and use at your local Gap store! This is a great deal and I can't wait to use it. This deal is today only! So be sure to get yours.
The site is experiencing an overwhelming amount of volume, however they have promised that you will get through. Just keep trying, it's totally worth it! Click on any of the links above to go to Groupon and click on any city to get the deal! Happy Shopping!

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