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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exciting Groupon Deals...

So I have mentioned Groupon before as a way to save money. You can use it to save money on gifts for yourself or perhaps gifts for others! They offer a daily deal on different types of products. Anything from restaurants, golf, spas, car services, online purchases, and even travel. Well, I have discovered something exciting... you can purchase different cities groupons that are good anywhere! Check out a few of my favorites:

Oklahoma City/Cincinnati: Insomnia Cookies $22 for 24 gift box cookie set! This would make a great Christmas gift or just a nice "thinking of you gift". It is valued at $50 and you order it all online! Making it available to anyone!

Brooklyn: $10 for $35 worth of board games/ educational games. You order through online, so again it is open to anyone. This would make a great Christmas gift if you have kids or friends who love games! Great deal! They have over 200 games available. (You can get the game Operation for $22.95! That is a fun game!) You can also use the groupon towards shipping! A really great deal.

Detroit: Delta Sky Club Pass. $22 for a one-time visit pass. A $50 value. If you are going to be traveling anytime soon and want a little taste of first class, make sure to grab this pass so you can start your trip off right and save some money! Again, it is purchased through a website, so it's open to anyone. I mean, who doesn't want to have a glass of wine before starting vacation! Love it.

Indianapolis: Kipp Brothers Toys and Novelties. $10 for $25 worth of Toys, Party Supplies, Candy, and more. Again. this can be redeemed online. Good for Christmas or if you have a birthday party you need to throw. This groupon is good for a whole you can use this to plan ahead!

Rochester: Picaboo Photo Books. $25 for $100 worth of Photo books. This one might be my favorite because you can use it towards multiple different offers! (Think 4 or 5 different Christmas gifts for $25!) They are really nice hardback photobooks that look beautiful. This would make a great gift for someone or a really nice solution to documenting trips, birthday's, weddings, etc. The books come standard with 20 pages, but you can add more. The software is awesome and user friendly. I highly recommend this groupon!

Los Angeles (look on the right side of the page- it's a "deal near by"): Personalized Photo Lunchbox from Photo Lunchboxes. $20 for $40 lunchbox and this includes the price of shipping! How cute is this? If you take lunch to work everyday why not do it in style? Or if you have a child starting school... such a cute idea! You order it online starting tomorrow and you can customize it anyway you like it.

Other deals that are not offered to everyone (only for that specific city) but that I thought I should mention:

Toronto: (For all my Canadian family!) The Wine Butler. $45 for wine making! A value of $99. What a fun deal. As a part of the experience you get 11.5 litres of the wine you make ( about 15 750ml bottles' worth). I think you do have to bring your own bottles or you can purchase them at the place. It does include labels, foils and corks. :) This would be fun though.

Charlotte: (This one is for Meagan!) Sun & Ski Sports $24 for a bike tune up! Valued at $49. Not sure if your bike needs a little love.

Alright so to get any of the deals above simply click here and go under visit more cities and choose the city with the deal listed above. Enjoy! There are some great deals out there.

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